Then blogging! Blogging is a lot less strenuous than making music, and a great opportunity in all this foolishness to show off some new tracks that I have made in recent months. And coincidentally still summery light sounds with many vocals, soul, gospel, even to indi. At least no stamping and fewer sub basses, ideal with these tropical temperatures. A small selection of the material to be issued that will be sent out this weekend and spread out over the next few months for the lions, one by one …


That is the trend of recent months. In one way or another, I increasingly tend to the Funk, the funky groove, with sparks of Soul and R&B. Of course supplemented with the necessary EDM elements, House, Disco, Rock, Jazz, and everything in between, which I actually grew up with. My mother has a good taste, and my father was a musician. The sound of the 60s and 70s in new jackets, clichés with a big wink. In any case, I think it’s really swinging, plus that I take you on a journey through nostalgic and strange atmospheres.

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