New Amazing Mix: #MeToo

This is one of my last mixes. Made with two new tracks and two others made a couple of weeks ago. And yes, sometimes that mix improves better than others. and you may notice the comments, likes and reposts. Enyoi sounds nice about a sad topic that dominates the news. And also all other tracks, mixs and podcasts, is this mix also available as free download.
The lirics: ”Disgusting, fouly disgsting, dirty, hurt, awfull, humiliated, angry, scared. Me Too, ti prende e ti scopa, e sfiga! Cazzo nella figa, disastro mentale, che ti lascia dietro en non torna mai.

Thanks to Lady Dyezzie ( for the vocals and cover art. Also Thanks to: ”Loopmaster EDM/DJ tools samplepack” and LoopCloud:
128 bpm.

New Tracks and Mixs

Feel the scent of the wind. Remember, feelings. Endless gall, endless time. No thought, all amazing!
FREE DOWNLOAD!!! This is a masterpiece Mix! Made of super tracks where the roof really goes off! This time a self-programmed and sounddesigned super groovy bassline/bassdrums.

Cover art: ​Cover art: Instagram pic: London Andrews

The Funky Disco Guitars are fromF9 Audio: F9 iFunk Now Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult

Thanks to: ”Loopmaster EDM/DJ tools samplepack” and LoopCloud

It’s All in the Mix

I would like to thank everybody for the support here at Mixcloud that is beyond all expectations. Just a little personal update, in case you did not notice that my production level is down after nearly 1 year, geedit, tracks, videos, covers, promotion, marketing, with 2 desktops and 1 laptop, my arm and shoulder are broken. A mouse arm in the Netherlands, but because of the many faster and faster clicks and sliding my mouse into my tight studio of 2 square meters, my arm is unusable for the time being, how frustrating it is, it’s still easy to make a mix, but its finish is too painful now, just like typing and sitting on a mouse for more than 1 second. So excuses for the few interaction of the last and coming time.

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A clear rising line

There’s a clear rising line. In the past year, I’ve quite reasonably made many things and released music. Now at the moment of the conveyor belt, besides my work, I do nothing else. But only yesterday I saw a significant rising line for the first time, not really to write home yet! That significant rising line I saw Spotify, a place where I am little and little to do, I do not have a network. It’s not much, but better than those 2 listeners per month I had in recent years.

So my way of working may have its effect.
Last year, I thought, “You can work on a project all year long, or work in one year for hundreds of hours of music.” It’s a choice, as I do not have to earn money, non have any ambitions to act really, but it’s nice to enjoy people my music. Only in music is that usually visible later, throwing a stone into the water and the rings that are spreading ever wider. I am throwing a lot of stones in the water at the moment, and the best thing is that most of the listeners come from Italy, Italy of course 1 and the Netherlands, only 9th place.

What I’ve been doing over the last few weeks and keeping me busy is working with OBS , open broadcasting software, which could make your TV broadcast. That’s how I go live on Youtube and Facebook, and I usually do an unprepared mix of my own tracks mixed with an improvised live performance, as my current DJ controller has a built-in drum computer that lets you program it yourself and adjust each drum part individually , plus a small mixer, with your voice you can do a lot too. But the nicest thing is that it has MIDI, and I can run all kinds of hardware in sync.

You can see it on Youtube: ” The End Summer Mix ” the uncut version , with all the mistakes in it. And here during the first part of the mix of 3 hours, but with the worst mistakes.

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