Apocalyptic Epic Die Hard

Dark Hardcore MIX. If you were not dead yet, then you’re sure after listening to this outrageous mix. It’s the short version of: Dark Serious Movements (DARK ROASTED MIX) 60 minutes. And is really just 125.5 bpm. An mix with Real story that goes to all your bones. It’s really intense SHIT!!! 😀

It sounds as if I feel, a mix with a story and tribute for the Gemini DJ controller and limeter, to endure it all gets and still just knows how to make an acceptable sound, and even if you all are out of rhythm , to make it seem like it just sits in rhythm.

It really psychedelic Dark House.
Definitely not my taste which I love, but in the mix you do not always choices and you have to go into what happened at the time, and sometimes things come out that I could not expect himself, as if this mix.

My first description on Facebook of this MIX was: ” Really violent SHIT! Dark and hardcore, like a hammer and a whole battalion of heavy tanks rolled over you and not for you to worry … “” Humanity is beaten on hollow and society so as we now know it is nearly so. Tsunamis ravage the coast, tectonic plates slowly sliding over each other. Humanity is in a panic, flight while nowhere is safe, all fucked, governments bombard every city with all the bombs they just have to decimate the dangerous drifting masses. Even your former friends are life-threatening enemies, and you think you’ve had it almost? The only word but intense, and do you think it can not violent? Is it still a tad over again in all its intensity, which occasionally still fragile sounds almost miraculously, as if all hope had gone a man ever!

Did the Gemini DJ controller until a few months. But what that thing is I had never thought possible. Before I start with the mix I select four numbers, each number separately I adjust the EQ, filters and gain that it just does not go into the red, I make all starting points to grab back. And I click on ” START RECORDING ‘. Today, I put my headphones volume to maximum to ensure that I was not going to be loud in the mix, but somehow, times become a session of one hour you so carried away by the mix that really at the end everything the maximum state, and yet you want to go even harder to exceed the net anything. And sitting with the Gemini DJ controller buttons are always to go there over it, but then increase the gain and treble, while the meters and the limiter are colored red and not move.


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