Acid Panther (LIVE)

NEW!!! This is the new and final version of the: Acid Panther 😀 (update: 28-12-2016) and also on Youtube.

The Acid Panther is the terrible cousin of the Pink Panther. Keys: Paul Z. Voice: Dyezzie & madbello. 25 years ago recorded on a four-track recorder, and now in the mix! 125 bpm. and the limiter have it hard, but this is the result. Hopefully you can appreciate it 😉

The older concept version:

This is the subsequent tighter version that should conquer the world. Must still here and there are doctored, but it is starting yet come a bit closer to how I want it to sound. Despite being technically sound really outside the norm and perhaps even almost irresponsible hard’ve put in the mix, but so check it over. Rude, nasty and fat 😀

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