4 thoughts on “The Final Night Club Hit”

    Final Nightclub Hit: I like it. It’s almost easy listening type Muzak! It has a conglomeration of your ‘sounds’ from many tracks. You seem to have come almost full circle in present career iteration . I say that because with this track you seem to tie it all together combining sounds, beats, bumps and ‘never gonna give you up-ahhhh!! Ha ha haaa I love that. I still listen to the High Mellow Time a lot and this track has a lot of that track in it but different!! So keep on mixin’ and keep your 3 fans happy!!! I’ll always be NUMBER ONE FAN, my dude!!!


  2. Hey!! Been listening to House In My Head for 2nd time. Pretty unique in that it sounds almost Afrakan-ish. Very complicated sound. Your house productions, for the most part, are very good. Your not re-mixing someone else’s track. No other dj’s I know of are doing that!! Stay creatingly creative, MadBello!!!


  3. Thank you very much Rich. You’ve heard well, it’s an orgy of combined test tracks and new tracks. And usually if I’ve made a long mix, I’ll get all the best pieces of it, and there’s a new mix of it 😉

  4. Thanks again Rich. ”House In My Head” I’ve been using old recordings that I recorded with the 4-track tape recorder in the 90’s, analog sound and hard to get it in. But it is indeed all self-made and recorded sounds, of course, are also well-purchased samples 😉

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