2 thoughts on “The Final Night Club Hit”

    Final Nightclub Hit: I like it. It’s almost easy listening type Muzak! It has a conglomeration of your ‘sounds’ from many tracks. You seem to have come almost full circle in present career iteration . I say that because with this track you seem to tie it all together combining sounds, beats, bumps and ‘never gonna give you up-ahhhh!! Ha ha haaa I love that. I still listen to the High Mellow Time a lot and this track has a lot of that track in it but different!! So keep on mixin’ and keep your 3 fans happy!!! I’ll always be NUMBER ONE FAN, my dude!!!


  2. Hey!! Been listening to House In My Head for 2nd time. Pretty unique in that it sounds almost Afrakan-ish. Very complicated sound. Your house productions, for the most part, are very good. Your not re-mixing someone else’s track. No other dj’s I know of are doing that!! Stay creatingly creative, MadBello!!!


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