Where shall I begin?

Actually, I do not know where to start. But as always, I’ll start with the last and see where I stayed in my previous blog post: D Have made a lot of music, and do not wonder where it’s all from, but once you’ve found a certain setting that works well, then you can take a moment ahead. And though I say it myself, the styles are very varied and yet I believe my own sound. Enough talk, please listen! 😉

The Sexy Fucker (Bang Bang Mix)

Balearic Moods (Mix)

Crying humanity (Mix)

The Suicide Bomber (Terror Mix)

Drum & Bass (Mix)

La Cula Bianca (Mix)

Do you also want to hear the loose tracks where these Mixs are built? Plus the slow video clips

And now de slow-clips 😀

2 thoughts on “Where shall I begin?”

  1. Now you’ve done it, Dr Mad!! Crying Humanity is one of your yrev best!! For real… I really like it, sax blows and all!!!

  2. Thanks for your response, you will not believe it, but all the time I have not logged in to this site, and I will take care to post a bit less heavy blog post here, mainly because of all that embedded music Is, can also simply link to it. I will try to make some adjustments today, thanks again for your response and support 😉

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