It’s All in the Mix

I would like to thank everybody for the support here at Mixcloud that is beyond all expectations. Just a little personal update, in case you did not notice that my production level is down after nearly 1 year, geedit, tracks, videos, covers, promotion, marketing, with 2 desktops and 1 laptop, my arm and shoulder are broken. A mouse arm in the Netherlands, but because of the many faster and faster clicks and sliding my mouse into my tight studio of 2 square meters, my arm is unusable for the time being, how frustrating it is, it’s still easy to make a mix, but its finish is too painful now, just like typing and sitting on a mouse for more than 1 second. So excuses for the few interaction of the last and coming time.

And much more… 😀

Fantastic samples from: AVA_MUSIC_GROUP: & &

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