madbello in Brazilian Atmospheres

New EP release!!! Mellow, Latin, Electro, Reggaeton, Indie, Pop. And all this sung in Portuguese by two wondefull girls. 5 new tracks and 3 Remix’s, with a total 1 hour of listening pleasure. As far as I am concerned, this is one of my best productions, with a great deal of attention being paid to individually tuning instruments to make the listening experience more pleasant, especially with compression and EQ.

This is also my last release for the time being. And time for a new strategic approach (which I still have to think of). Publishing music under my own label, it’s what it is, 100% for me, but it doesn’t even cover 50% of the costs involved. So I’m going to try it now via contract basis (50/50) with MojoHeadz Records, and see if the scope and promotion network has anything to offer me, and whether it pays off. Which means that from now on all my work will have to be exclusive, and no longer real-time on my Soundcloud. I am very curious what MojoHeadz will make of it, it is a track with many Brazilian sounds, such a track where you would not expect it to be selected. And now my new EP release: