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RSI (Repetitive strain injury) is the disorder caused by making music with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) PC. They call it ” RSI ” for the generality, but it is actually called a-specific ”CANS”. CANS stands for ‘Complaints of Arm, Neck and / or Shoulder’ (arm, neck and / or shoulder complaints). As you know, I started making music a year ago. Producing, mixing and editing, and what comes with it if you want to make a product complete is video and photo editing for clips and cover art, not to mention promotion, as far as my network reaches. And now you have to imagine how many clicks it can be. They are not just mouse clicks, they are stressful clicks waiting for the moment where the crucial edit should happen. In the picture below: I am not myself but my son, but in the place where it all happens. I am usually a lot of judge, but that did not protect me against RSI.

At work I have to do monitor work on average 16 hours per week. And that in the most justified ergonomic layout, I can at least adjust everything to electronic desk height, so I do not think that my work cous it. But last year my studio has grown from nothing into a monstrous dehydration in the middle of the living room, and all the hardware I use every dayly is built around me with shelves, wallpaper trestle, polystyrene foam and duck tape. It is not really ergonomic, but it is choosing or sharing and also a lack of space, let’s say that if. I would make that place really ergonomic, I would lose more money than all hardware and software together. That place is fine for normal use on a PC, but on the other side is a PC specifically for video and photo editing that I do in between when the DAW PC is busy, and a unloading laptop for the DJ controller lying around in places that is still available at that moment. In principle, I have arranged the entire production process like a walking belt to get things done quickly with the least loss of time.

Loss of time! Loss of time had become somewhat of an obsession and bottleneck to carry out all my ideas and creativity that I have in mind, once you are in a creative and concentrated flow, you do not want to interrupt it. I work from 8 to 5, so it has to be done in the evenings and weekends and to limit the time loss to the minimum I have also reduced my social life to the minimum.

It must be meaningful! Okay, it’s a hobby, but when I do something it has to produce something tangible that others can also enjoy, not for the money. I have never had the illusion that I will ever hit a hit and my music is not there, and to be able to peddle and dance with my music on a stage I am too old, so just say the boat missed. My goal is to create a somewhat professional sound and find the niche that my music can appreciate as I make it, and see it visibly on statistics on Spotify or iTunes, this is my goal. And everything that results from it is simply taken away.

If I slept 4 hours a day it was already a lot. Was so in my musical drift that I ignored all the symptoms of RSI, it started with a callousbubble at the Ulna it started to ignite because I leaned all the time, bought special mousepads and mice and the calluses were gone, so keep going. Then my fingers began to tingle and feel dull, then my wrist occasionally got locked, shake with a hand and it was gone again. The tingling and stitching also started in my upper arm, but I just kept on going, until I got a muscle knot in my shoulder and my neck felt burning and the pain could not be kept, and even pointing at the mouse did not work anymore, until my poor in total paralysis. Then just call the doctor, and in a consultation by the physiotherapist explain what kind of exercises I should do. After practicing the exercises daily for a few months, it is now as good as it is about, only I can not play in a row for so long without the feeling coming back slightly. And that is extremely frustrating for me not to be able to do so many things while my head is full of all kinds of sonic experiments.

So, out of necessity, I have draconically adjusted my method of making music. The production process partly automated with the Roland DJ-808 and a few large sample packs purchased for EDM producers, so I have to cut a lot less, paste and multiply and have a track ready faster. The downside of the fact that I record a lot less own sounds is that it sounds a lot less original, although I have to admit that sound technical sounds a lot tighter. Making music on a DAW with ready-made samples is just playing with Lego, but then slightly more abstract. Nevertheless, it still leaves a lot of shifting and clicking with the mouse to keep everything in the right direction, also my social media activities have to pay for it. But fortunately I have organized the production process in the way that a train, once it has started, is hard to stop it 😀

A clear rising line

There’s a clear rising line. In the past year, I’ve quite reasonably made many things and released music. Now at the moment of the conveyor belt, besides my work, I do nothing else. But only yesterday I saw a significant rising line for the first time, not really to write home yet! That significant rising line I saw Spotify, a place where I am little and little to do, I do not have a network. It’s not much, but better than those 2 listeners per month I had in recent years.

So my way of working may have its effect.
Last year, I thought, “You can work on a project all year long, or work in one year for hundreds of hours of music.” It’s a choice, as I do not have to earn money, non have any ambitions to act really, but it’s nice to enjoy people my music. Only in music is that usually visible later, throwing a stone into the water and the rings that are spreading ever wider. I am throwing a lot of stones in the water at the moment, and the best thing is that most of the listeners come from Italy, Italy of course 1 and the Netherlands, only 9th place.

What I’ve been doing over the last few weeks and keeping me busy is working with OBS , open broadcasting software, which could make your TV broadcast. That’s how I go live on Youtube and Facebook, and I usually do an unprepared mix of my own tracks mixed with an improvised live performance, as my current DJ controller has a built-in drum computer that lets you program it yourself and adjust each drum part individually , plus a small mixer, with your voice you can do a lot too. But the nicest thing is that it has MIDI, and I can run all kinds of hardware in sync.

You can see it on Youtube: ” The End Summer Mix ” the uncut version , with all the mistakes in it. And here during the first part of the mix of 3 hours, but with the worst mistakes.

Listen to it!: Continue reading A clear rising line


The musician and producer known internationally as Madbello has released his latest EP record, “New Acid Wave” feat. Dyezzie. The EP contains four original tracks, but provides more than an hour’s worth of quality electronica music. It has been proudly published on the Madbello independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Widely varied, full of groove, and featuring the original Euro-house music sound, “New Acid Wave” is an EP record for nightclub DJs and music aficionados alike.

Madbello, who hails from Holland, cites as main artistic influences several whole genres, including house, jazz, Latin, samba, death metal, and alternative music. His own style is a contemporary spin on the foundational house-music sound which arrived in the early nineties, the same early digital sound which would eventually morph into the global EDM scene as it is known everywhere today.

This makes sense, coming as it does from Madbello, whose first prominent releases were a full-length LP and a shorter EP which came out on the Polydor Records Italy major music label circa 1992. A quarter of a century later, Madbello has returned as a solo artist with a humble mission.

“I hope you will enjoy my music,” writes Madbello. “I try to create my own sound with the resources and knowledge that I have – but not for the money. I’ve made music with love. This is music from Holland with LOVE and a Dutch kiss.”

Madbello is Mike A. Di Bello, who has been playing music since 14 years old when he started on recorder, then guitar. Bass guitar followed, then drums, flute, violin, piano and synthesizers.

“I did this until the computer was powerful enough to take over all the instruments, add up to the final production,” Madbello says. “Before that I’ve been in several bands of various styles, from punk, metal, rock, new age and alternative styles. I worked for years with a four-track recorder and experimented a lot with it.”

True to form, Madbello’s “New Acid Wave” EP is entirely solo.

“The only record deal I ever got was from Polydor in 1992 when I worked with my companion. Ultimately, this resulted in a flop; therefore, I’ll now bring out my work by myself.”

“New Acid Wave” from Madbello feat. Dyezzie is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores now.

-S. McCauley: Lead Press Release Writer