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NEW MIX!!! New sounds from Japan. I got a Korg micro sampler, and that give a new dimension to my music and the mix 😀 and that in the mix with an old song what i made in the 90es and one in 2015. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by this wonderful and rhythmic sounds. It is still a concept and I have it to make it better. But it’s sounds good, what is your opinion? 😉


Welcome to the new madbello world of music. HEY melted tosti’s! Have you heard about my newest 100% madbello MIX!? A psycho-way through the outer layers of my mind.

Cover Art for the release of: AcidChago HOUSE EMPIRE (Club Mix). A opera house in the mix is what you hear. This is a masterpiece as regards real house sounds and beats, even if I say it self. Personally I find to strange for words and pancakes flying around your ears. A blend of: Minimal House, Chicago Organic Acid, if you do not really hear the acid sounds of the Roland TB 303, but it is in there. It’s a weird mix that is sometimes very sleek and minimal, sometimes completely out of his ungry bird It’s all made at home, home sweet home … (Soon on Spotify and iTunes)