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Where shall I begin?

Actually, I do not know where to start. But as always, I’ll start with the last and see where I stayed in my previous blog post: D Have made a lot of music, and do not wonder where it’s all from, but once you’ve found a certain setting that works well, then you can take a moment ahead. And though I say it myself, the styles are very varied and yet I believe my own sound. Enough talk, please listen! 😉

The Sexy Fucker (Bang Bang Mix)

Balearic Moods (Mix)

Crying humanity (Mix)

The Suicide Bomber (Terror Mix)

Drum & Bass (Mix)

La Cula Bianca (Mix)

Do you also want to hear the loose tracks where these Mixs are built? Plus the slow video clips Continue reading Where shall I begin?

Many New Music Productions

Time is not silent and goes way too fast. But the weekend is an excellent opportunity for me to work on. And nowadays with two PCs, I can finally make more videos for Youtube, especially to see if there is a copyright claim on some samples or I accidentally played a used song, handy before I officially publish those tracks or mixes. But written enough, here under my new creations of recent days.

To start with “KYBELE Ambient”. Anything other than you are used to me, not Acid, Techno, but Ambient!

And what followed this track is of course a Mix! Continue reading Many New Music Productions

5 New MAD Music Releases

About a month 5 new releases via MondoTunes.

  • 12-06-2017: Singel: ”Acid Africa” (1 track)
  • 14-06-2017: Album: ”Human Acid Cockroaches” (7 tracks)
  • 15-06-2017: Mix: ”Acid Master” (1 track)
  • 17-06-2017: Mix: ”The God of Kings Acid” (1 track)
  • 23-06-2017: EP: ”Drumbass Bam Ballabile” (4 track)

madbello Music Release dates

And below, you can listen to them on my Soundcloud and download it for free!!! 😀