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Exclusive Moodymanc Interview

I’m so happy with it! 😀

The new remix of Moodymanc: ”Dance Forever” of madbello: ”Aciendo Magnetico”. And 30 minutes inteview with DJ Moodymanc, of Well Cut Records. At the end: my mix of the remix of Moodymanc and other 3 Acid songs that I made recently. It sounds pretty good, also I say it self, nice atmosphere fatty acid full swinging sounds to your ears. Pure Acic in 120 bpm.

And among the podcast you can hear the remix separately supported by a slow music video, which I have dedicated to my father, and pictures used of him with his Jazz Band: I Bassotti

More music of my favorite DJ Moodymanc? Go to:
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MAD & Dyezz Podcast NOW ALSO on Youtube

This is the first podcast in a series with a story. How is it possible that this guy may present this show? Wait and see, there will be a coup, and this show will taken over, but you can hear it only in the third episode. So stay tunes!

And of course, all the music in these and all others podcasts are 100% madbello Music Productions.

The madbello & Dyezzie Podcast Show 005

Welcome to the 5th edition of the madbello & Dyezzie podcast show. It is far too long that we presented the last show, but we are running out of time. But today I can proudly present two new songs that are a little new direction of madbello will be for 2017. Acid, Acid and more Acid, mix with tropical and exotic influences all over the world 😀


The 4th madbello & Dyezzie Podcast

In the 4th madbello & Dyezzie Podcast get a varied assortiement of styles and unreleased tracks, and announce to one of the podcasts that will come. Listen, I hope you can enjoy yourself here and stay tuned!:D

Actually too much for words, but despite still online because flops also must have a place on the internet, otherwise it would be discrimination, anyway! But have you the corrage to listen to this to absurd first podcast that i have made? I am curious. Can only say that this is the ultimate form of ego-tripping in a total fantasy world to make my music seem bigger than it is! LOL