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Two New Acid Productions

This is Acid! Organic rhythms that just does not sit next to, but quite out of phase. And that just gives it separate swinging and danceable thing. But still really pure in concept, and material make for the next release 😀

Still in concept. Making music is if you want to emphasize the presence of sounds that vibrate the air and the cilia in your ears. All atoms around you vibrate in the most strange frequency combinations, and not just around you, but also to others in your way. Timbres of emotions, memories that can not be described with words, can see and feel alone. For those genes know how much fun making music is!

And also the slowvideoclip od: Real MAD Acid

Exclusive Moodymanc Interview

I’m so happy with it! 😀

The new remix of Moodymanc: ”Dance Forever” of madbello: ”Aciendo Magnetico”. And 30 minutes inteview with DJ Moodymanc, of Well Cut Records. At the end: my mix of the remix of Moodymanc and other 3 Acid songs that I made recently. It sounds pretty good, also I say it self, nice atmosphere fatty acid full swinging sounds to your ears. Pure Acic in 120 bpm.

And among the podcast you can hear the remix separately supported by a slow music video, which I have dedicated to my father, and pictures used of him with his Jazz Band: I Bassotti

More music of my favorite DJ Moodymanc? Go to:
Cover art edit by:

MAD & Dyezz Podcast NOW ALSO on Youtube

This is the first podcast in a series with a story. How is it possible that this guy may present this show? Wait and see, there will be a coup, and this show will taken over, but you can hear it only in the third episode. So stay tunes!

And of course, all the music in these and all others podcasts are 100% madbello Music Productions.

My Acid Sound NOW on Video

Two concept Acid tracks. With some pictures here and there shot in the last 4 years. The first track, Slow Acid Kiss: I give you this evening a very slow sultry wet and acidic kiss. Tropic acid, and 100bpm is certainly not quick but compelling with a little Latin and Samba, thus swinging. Listening is at your own risk! The defining sound comes from the AIRA Roland TB-3 Touch Bassline.

And the second track, Pure Acid Zone: Psychedelic Acid. Have just the TB-3 Touch Bassline into my hands, and this is the first best patern which sounded delicious. Later see how that thing must program it!

I hope you enjoy it!