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Mike A. Di Bello, musician and producer known internationally as madbello, proudly publish on the madbello independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. madbello, who has been playing music since the 70s (Bass) and play in a lots bands in varied styles, and the first prominent releases were a full-length LP/CD and EP which came out on the Polydor Records Italy major music label circa 1992. Widely varied, full of groove, old school Electro, Chicago Detroit House and techno to jazzy Acid and featuring the original Euro-house music sound. I hope you will enjoy my music. I try to create my own sound with the resources and knowledge that I have, not for the money, but for the love of music, and all my music is also free to download in the best quality on my Soundcloud. This is music from Holland with LOVE and a Dutch kiss 😀

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100% madbello Music Productions. And Free Download on my Soundcloud.