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My name is Mike A. Di Bello, my nick​ and artist​name consist my initials and surname: ​”madbello”​. As a child I learned to play the recorder at school. When I was 14 years old I started playing the guitar. After a few years I started to play the bass. I’ve always had a fondness for all musical instruments, and undertook efforts to drums, flute, violin, piano and synth playing. I did this until the computer was powerful enough to take on all the instruments, add up to the final production. Before that time I’ve been in several bands of various styles, from punk, metal, rock, new age and alternative styles. In addition, I worked for years with a 4-track recorder and experimented a lot with it. The only recorddeal I ever got was from Polydor in 1991, where I have been released with a companion, a CD, LP and two singles. Ultimately, this resulted in a flop. Therefore, now​ ​bring my work ​out by my zelf.


100% madbello Music Productions. And Free Download on my Soundcloud.