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MAD & Dyezz Podcast: Exclusive Moodymanc Interview
The new remix of Moodymanc: ”Dance Forever” of madbello: ”Aciendo Magnetico”. And 30 minutes inteview with DJ Moodymanc, of Well Cut Records. At the end: my mix of the remix of Moodymanc and other 3 Acid songs that I made recently. It sounds pretty good, also I say it self, nice atmosphere fatty acid full swinging sounds to your ears. Pure Acic in 120 bpm.
More music of my favorite DJ Moodymanc? Go to: soundcloud.com/moodymanc
Cover art edit by: Dyezzie.nl

The madbello & Dyezzie Podcast Show 003

The madbello & Dyezzie Podcast Show 003

The madbello & Dyezzie Podcast Show 002

The madbello Podcast Radio Show

The madbello Podcast Radio Show, have the name changed in: The madbello & Dyezzie Podcast Show 😀

The madbello Podcast Radio Show (Part 2). You obviously thought after the first embarrassing broadcast in English, display my very first podcast, I’d cams huh! But nothing is less true, and here in Part 2, and will be like the last 32 minutes and 4 numbers plus a special guest in a very short interview with just one question. So listen and shudder …


My First Podcast!

This is my first podcast. And I can tell you that my English is very bad, and even when I listen back, I sometimes wonder, what language speaks MADBELLO!? Actually too much for words, but despite still online because flops also must have a place on the internet, otherwise it would be discrimination, anyway! But have you the corrage to listen to this to absurd first podcast that i have made? I am curious

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