The 4th madbello & Dyezzie Podcast

In the 4th madbello & Dyezzie Podcast get a varied assortiement of styles and unreleased tracks, and announce to one of the podcasts that will come. Listen, I hope you can enjoy yourself here and stay tuned!:D

Actually too much for words, but despite still online because flops also must have a place on the internet, otherwise it would be discrimination, anyway! But have you the corrage to listen to this to absurd first podcast that i have made? I am curious. Can only say that this is the ultimate form of ego-tripping in a total fantasy world to make my music seem bigger than it is! LOL

New Release: ”Acidchago House Empire” on

An awesome mix with a story. Chicago and Acid Minimal House influences that on the end bring you to an unprecedented height. You should have listened! Dare to this trip?

This mix is 100% madbello homemade and produced songs. I started when new software and hardware was testing, just out of the blue. And to increase this song with the name: ”The New Damdalu Weird Party Moods”. I made some additional very rhythmic tracks, and to make this mix more organic and human, I used an over 30 year old song recorded with a 4-track recorder with the name: ”House Empire”.

Geplaatst door op donderdag 1 december 2016

The madbello & Dyezzie Podcast Show 003

BREAKING!!! In “The MADBELLO & Dyezzie Podcast SHOW” This time a Skype interview with the mystery guest Roy. And for the rest of this podcast, we will only talk about a mix:
AcidChago HOUSE EMPIRE (club mix)

Can only say that this is the ultimate form of ego-tripping. In a total fantasy world to make my music seem bigger than it already is! LOL


Welcome to the new madbello world of music. HEY melted tosti’s! Have you heard about my newest 100% madbello MIX!? A psycho-way through the outer layers of my mind.

Cover Art for the release of: AcidChago HOUSE EMPIRE (Club Mix). A opera house in the mix is what you hear. This is a masterpiece as regards real house sounds and beats, even if I say it self. Personally I find to strange for words and pancakes flying around your ears. A blend of: Minimal House, Chicago Organic Acid, if you do not really hear the acid sounds of the Roland TB 303, but it is in there. It’s a weird mix that is sometimes very sleek and minimal, sometimes completely out of his ungry bird It’s all made at home, home sweet home … (Soon on Spotify and iTunes)

All music 100% made and produced by madbello. New sounds and you've never heard and Free download on my Soundcloud