2 New madbello Acid Mixs

But you must only listen to the first Mix. Ladys and gentlemans, readers and listeners of madbello.com. Today is my new two hours Mix ready: ”The God of Kings Acid Mix”. And personally I think it’s one of my best mixs. All tracks of my new album, release is on april 18: “Real Acid Paradise”. The first album that I let mastering by a proffesional audio enginer: Marco Vd Hoorn of Digitalmastering.nl . All traks are integral, because the mix in a different order than the album. And I also mix: Moodymanc Remix ‘”Dance Forever” ” in the mix, and some another lost tracks. I wish you all enjoy listening 😉

The God of Kings Acid Mix 1038-05

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House In My Head

Today a new mix! House In My Head (Underground Mix). Funky groovy hypnotic underground House. An experimental mix for the change. No Acid, maybe here and there a little bit. Yesterday I set on my older 4-track recorder, and digitized what tapes, and here and there were cute funky and groovy pieces among those included in this mix. Note that the recordings are very old. more than 30 years ago taken on my attic, so there is some noise in it. So if you know I’m crazy about a lot of bass, and I also get to this totally on the go, though it is risky with old recordings, unconventional recorded without any nohow, and most simply by the hand without quantize.

I do not know if you hear it, but there’s a sampling of the ”Rolling Stones” in processed, recorded with my first Akai sampler, which could record a sound same time complying, and of course play.

I’m curious what you think about this mix and of the sound come across well out of your speakers 😉

Now All Downloadable for free!!!

Today! Everything what I have released, I uploaded to Soundcloud. Nearly 50 tracks with more than 10 hours of listening pleasure, and of course all podcasts to.

And everything free downloadable. It is love or not love of me? 😀

Today! Everything what I have released, I uploaded to Soundcloud. Nearly 50 tracks with more than 10 hours of listening…

Geplaatst door Madbello Music Productions op zaterdag 11 maart 2017

madsoundcloudfree 2

The New Acid Wave (LIVE Mix)

This is a LIVE and non-edit Mix. I recorded myself with mobile and unfortunately my mobile after 30 minutes went by itself. It is mix of 80 minutes, so the first half hour you see me during mixing, not that you see a lots of action, and for the rest still boring, but thought it was funny to do and slightly different for my music on Youtube to provide motion picture. And after half an hour I have backed up images of Purmerend drive to The Hague by highway times the evenings. Hope you find this mix fun despite all mix errors contained there. This mix is the basis for the pre-release blend for my next album: ”Real Acid Paradise”, with only Acid Tracks made wich the TB-3 Touch Bassline. So Stay Tuned! 😀

And this is the short version:

All music 100% made and produced by madbello. New sounds and you've never heard and Free download on my Soundcloud