Jack the Magic Line MIX (the CLIP)

This is the edit an final version of: ”My First Virtual DJ MAD MIX 005” madbelo house music productions. All music in this and other mixes are 100% made by madbello and produced to the final mastering. This mix can as best classify as an alternative organic house blend, supplemented with strange atmospheres with a clear preference for Drum & Bass, Trance, Psychedelic Hypno and Deep House. You can actually see it as a new song of 39 minutes, and maybe useful for other DJ’s in their own mix: D

In this mix are 4 songs incorporated. Two nearly 30 years old songs and recorded on a four-track recorder: ”Jack the Line” and ”House Maniac”. Still in the time we playing instruments by the hand, except the drummaschine. And the ”house” sample is of my voice, as well the ” jack-the-line ‘ voice.

”Acid II” is recorded on the 90 and ”Kybasco” recorded in 2016.

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MAD Film O Matic

(Official Video) This is one of the songs on my new and 2nd album:
Casanova Sambatico. This song I remastered the day before, and by chance I came upon the idea of unused video recordings and use: “Turn on the Lights 2015” in The Hague. And miraculously the video fit seamlessly together without editing, and the atmosphere of those images also to the music. So listen and shudder, and let us know what you think of this amateur production in-house… 😉

The images recorded by myself on: ” Turn on the Lights 2015 ” in the center of The Hague. With my old smartphone (Huawei P8). Music created with Magix 2014. 125 BPM. Video edited in isolation with Pinnacle Studio 15.

(concept) MAD Film O Matic Continue reading MAD Film O Matic

100% madbello Music Productions. And Free Download on my Soundcloud.