Run! Love Hurts

Made two beautiful and quite different style tracks. “Run! Love Hurts” and “Sense To You”, sometimes you have weeks and months where you make music without producing some remarkable results, except for a lot of new groove’s and sounds. But occasionally, in two days you just made 2 quite partucular and chilling tracks, in a style that is different from what I usually make. I would say “judge for yourself” and let me know what you think of it and hopefully a lot of listening pleasure.

A Lot New Sounds and Grooves

And in what kind of House style? I always find it very difficult to give my music, or tracks an exact style tag, or I am not style-resilient. In addition, I usually describe it as old-fashioned House, retro, old school, Deep House, Electro, groovy Tech. I would say ”listen for yourself” and let yourself be carried away by this amazing journey in the sonic world of madbello! Enjoy, and remember that all my music can be downloaded for free on my Soundcloud (direct download), and that in the best sound quality 48khz/24bit.

100% madbello Music Productions. And Free Download on my Soundcloud.