Acidchago House Empire on Youtube

An awesome mix with a story. Chicago and Acid Minimal House influences that on the end bring you to an unprecedented height. You should have listened! Dare to this trip?

This mix is 100% madbello homemade and produced songs. I started when new software and hardware was testing, just out of the blue. And to increase this song with the name: ”The New Damdalu Weird Party Moods”. I made some additional very rhythmic tracks, and to make this mix more organic and human, I used an over 30 year old song recorded with a 4-track recorder with the name: ”House Empire”.

Acid Panther (LIVE)

NEW!!! This is the new and final version of the: Acid Panther 😀 (update: 28-12-2016) and also on Youtube.

The Acid Panther is the terrible cousin of the Pink Panther. Keys: Paul Z. Voice: Dyezzie & madbello. 25 years ago recorded on a four-track recorder, and now in the mix! 125 bpm. and the limiter have it hard, but this is the result. Hopefully you can appreciate it 😉

The older concept version: Continue reading Acid Panther (LIVE)

The Chicago Move

NEW!!! Underground club mix. Chicago Club House from Holland Witch LOVE. 130 bpm. and still in concept. The software and hardware have very difficulty to find the bpm. and put it back in the sync, becose 3 songs are recorded on a old cassette tape (TDK) and the old Sony Walkman have a variable pitch. But on the whole it sounds quite very special. Yesterday I have 3 songs from 30 years ago waht I made that I still could only play on a Sony Walkman. Which connected to my sound card and digitized and incorporated into this mix, with a base track as support and some samples. But most just played with the hand and the voice you hear is mine.

All music 100% made and produced by madbello. New sounds and you've never heard and Free download on my Soundcloud