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Now on Video: madbello LIVE in Concert

Live At Thunderdome Purmerend New Year’s Eve 2017. Unfortunately we had no camera crew with us and we had to make do with the videos that fans have taken with their mobile phones that evening. Watch and Thrill!!! 😀

And of course I was hell once not see them in concert. But liked to wrap some number that have not yet been released in this way, yes. It was quite some work, but more because my budget PC 499 it still was quite difficult to absorb more than two-hour video, but we laughed the whole setting, Purmerend, farming village, Thunderdome, and that fake public, real humor but all have knocked about it and there are enough people who pressed 😉

madbello Live At Thunderdome Purmerend New Year’s Eve 2017

madbello and his occasional band live in concert. More than two hours sensational sounds and rhythms, and many new songs.

Thanks to: lady for the presentation and cover art, Robin Hood 76 for the sounds on, special guest: Paul Z on keyboards and vocals, and all the crew and staff of the Thunderdome Purmerend that have made it possible. The best wishes for 2017