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Back In Time

Old school retro House. Know myself that I am unnoticed and always grabbing back to the old-fashioned and raw funky House groove, and letting go the song format. Finding a nice rhythmic groove is much more interesting. Partly I made them on my DAW, to have a background, but it only comes to life when I record those tracks live with the DJ controller.

Then the job starts! I pump the DJ controller full of samples (32), load 4 tracks, I program the drum machine and the sequencer. So all together are 40 input sources where the volume must be adjusted one by one, volume, gain and EQ, and then select 6 effect banks that I can apply to each input. So before the Mix can really start I’m usually a few hours further, but when the “rec” is on red the animal is loose. During the mix there are so many variables that it is always exciting for me, and often surprising what will come out. Below are a few examples of my wild quests for grooves and moods.

Run! Love Hurts

Made two beautiful and quite different style tracks. “Run! Love Hurts” and “Sense To You”, sometimes you have weeks and months where you make music without producing some remarkable results, except for a lot of new groove’s and sounds. But occasionally, in two days you just made 2 quite partucular and chilling tracks, in a style that is different from what I usually make. I would say “judge for yourself” and let me know what you think of it and hopefully a lot of listening pleasure.