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New!!! Dance Forever

NEW!!! Moodymanc Remix: Dance Forever + Exclusive Dyezzie interview with DJ Moodymanc of Well Cut Records. Finally a madbello Mix of Moodymanc Remix of Aciendo Magnetico. Mixed with 3 Acid songs that I recorded recently. As preview for the next release: Pure Acid

And also many thanks to lady Dyezzie of Who interviewed Moodymanc. And Dyezzie also did the cover art, and edit for the podcast.

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Exclusive Moodymanc Interview

I’m so happy with it! 😀

The new remix of Moodymanc: ”Dance Forever” of madbello: ”Aciendo Magnetico”. And 30 minutes inteview with DJ Moodymanc, of Well Cut Records. At the end: my mix of the remix of Moodymanc and other 3 Acid songs that I made recently. It sounds pretty good, also I say it self, nice atmosphere fatty acid full swinging sounds to your ears. Pure Acic in 120 bpm.

And among the podcast you can hear the remix separately supported by a slow music video, which I have dedicated to my father, and pictures used of him with his Jazz Band: I Bassotti

More music of my favorite DJ Moodymanc? Go to:
Cover art edit by: