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On this page can you find links where you can listen to songs and different projects through the years. On the top the most relevant where I post mostly and at the bottom you can even listen to songs that were created over 30 years ago.
In a time where most instruments simply played by hand and recorded with a four-trackrecorder.

On this you can test the latest concept and listen songs. I post them here because I no longer have enough space on

On you can mostly listen to my mix that are made exclusively of homemade songs. And occasionally I make poscast jokingly to promote my music, but with a wink.
DJ BELLO on is the site where my music released for distribution and where they further become available digitally worldwide on all online services.
madbello on

Yet here two Soundcloud links with songs from my first and second album.

Here among all Soundclick links of old stuff in very different styles. From House, New Age to Rock and other experimental sounds.

House sounds:

House sounds:

This was my very first CD made in Italy for Polidor in 1991

This sounds are very Ambient and New Age:
MAD Astral Facts

This was a Hard Rock experiment:

Very old stuff of 30 years ago:
High Time

And this is more older then 30 years ago:
High 2Time is my Dutch blog 😉


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